Research Programs

As part of fulfilling the university’s core functions of teaching, research and public service, the Geology Department staffs have undertaken several research projects in various areas of interest and specialization as summarized in the table below.

Research Project Sponsor and Duration Investigator/s Major output/Equipment
Unlocking the potential for Groundwater for the poor (UPGro) Towards groundwater security in Coastal East Africa UK aid / NERC 2013-2014Simon Melchioly
  • Partial support for fieldwork funding to 1 PhD student
  • Automatic weather station installed in Kilwa Masoko
The Mandawa ProjectSTATOIL 2013-2017Dr. Boniface
  • 4 MSc students
  • Sample preparation equipment
Geophysics ProjectWORLD BANK 2009-2012Dr. Marobhe
  • 1 MSc student
  • Geophysics research equipment
Environmental geology and ground water dynamics in parts of semi-arid area of central TanzaniaNORAD-PITRO 2010-2012Dr. Boniface and Dr. Kaaya
  • 1 MSc student
  • Understanding of the aquifers chemistry in central Tanzania
The geohazards monitoring of the Rungwe and Oldoinyo Lengai volcanic eruptions NORAD-PITRO 2008-2010Dr. Kinabo
  • Awareness campaigns on the geohazards
Geology and Geochemistry of Golden Pride mine Golden Pride RESOLUTE LTD 2007-2010Dr. Manya, Prof. Mutakyahwa and Dr. Ivo Vos
  • 2 MSc students
  • Publications on the geochemistry of Golden Pride mine intrusives
The Gold Atlas ProjectBARRICK 2008-2010Prof. Ikingura, Prof. Mutakyahwa, Dr. Manya, Dr. Marobhe, Mr. E. O. Kazimoto and Mr. E. Mshiu
  • A book on the Atlas of Gold Deposit
Earth Science Programme Sida 2009-2015Dr. Ferdinand, Prof. Manya, Prof. Maboko, Prof. Ikingura, Dr. Marobhe and Dr. Boniface
  • 1PhD student
  • 3 MSc students
  • Mini XRF and XRD analytical equipment
  • Seismic stations and softwares
  • Publications on the geochemistry of Palaeoproterzoic rocks in the Usagaran and Ubendian Belts
  • Publications on the seismicity of the EARS
Geology and Mineralization of the Lake Victoria Gold FieldsSida 2005- 2008Dr. Manya, Prof. Maboko, Prof. Ikingura and Prof. Mruma
  • 6 MSc students
  • Publications in peer reviewed journals
  • 1 regional conference on Lake Victoria greenstone belts in Mwanza
Lake Victoria Research Initiative (ViCRes)Sida 2003-2009Prof. J.R. Ikingura and Prof. M. K.D. Mutakyahwa
  • Publications on Environmental pollution in Lake Victoria wetlands
Geology and Mineralization of the Lake Victoria Gold FieldsSida/SAREC (2001-2004)Prof. Mruma, Prof. Maboko and Prof. Ikingura
  • 1 PhD student
  • 3 MSc students
  • Publications
  • Sample preparation equipment (Thin sectioning machine and Pulveriser) and setting up of new geochemistry laboratory (ICP-OES)
  • Publications in peer reviewed journals
Geochemical Mapping of the Lake Victoria Gold Fields in TanzaniaSida/SAREC (1998-2000)Prof. Mruma, Prof. Maboko, Prof. Malisa and Prof. Ikingura
  • 1 MSc student
  • Publications on Lake Victoria geochemistry and geochronology
Geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology of the Songo songo IslandTPDC (1991-1995)Prof. S. Kapilima, Dr. C. Kinabo, Dr. A. Msindai, Prof. A. Mruma
  • Understanding of the potentials of the gas reserve that later was developed to generate the 182MW Power contribution to the National grid system
Geotechnical study of the rocks in the Kihansi HaleNORAD and TANESCO (1991-1996)Dr. A. Msindai
  • Construction of underground tunnel for the power house that produces 180MW power station at Kihansi
Engineering Geology of rocks at HaleTANESCODr. A. Msindai
  • The construction of a 21 MW hydropower station contribution to the National Grid system
Mercury Cycling in Contaminated Sites (IAEA, URT10881 Project) IAEAProf. J.R. Ikingura
  • Two publications on mercury pollution in peer reviewed journals
  • Mercury pollution status database and mitigation measures in small scale gold mining areas in Tanzania
Environmental Aspects of Mining in Tanzania Sida/SARECProf. J.R. Ikingura
  • A book on the environmental aspects of Mining
  • Regional conference on the environmental aspects of mining